About us


Dr Peter Kane aims to provide the best orthopaedic care to each and every patient who walks through his doors. The professional, skilled and caring medical team, led by Dr. Kane, offers the widest range of treatments for shoulder and knee conditions. We take pride in striving for a successful outcome in every patient. I hope to meet every patient’s expectations, doing what is in the patient’s best interest. In our hands, you can be assured of the three C’s:

We are a team of highly skilled and experienced medical practitioners. We’re constantly seeking for new, better ways of executing tasks, and continually assess the quality of care given at the practice. That way, we are always improving the service delivered to patients.

We believe in the importance of providing patients with a holistic view of their treatment by offering all the information and full details about their condition, options for treatment and the procedures, as well as the rehabilitation process. From there, we can work with the patient to create an all-encompassing treatment plan.

Courtesy, respect and compassion rule the day – and form the foundation of every patient interaction. We are constantly doing our utmost to provide every patient with the best medical experience.